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  • Powder movie review

    Story: Powder is a compilation of small stories which are interwoven to form a bigger picture with several twists and turns. The movie is about how people wear different kinds of masks to hide their actual personality. There are several plots in the movie. Disappointed with a sitting MLA, a gang tries to kill him so that he does not… Continue reading "Powder movie review"

  • Naan Mirugamaai Maara

    Story: Sasikumar’s brother Kathir is a software engineer. He tires to save a man from a gang of youngsters. However, this incident affects the peace of his family. Following a series of incidents Kathir is killed. This makes Sasikumar to become a violent man. Who killed Kathir, what does Sasikumar do after that forms the rest of the story. Analysis:… Continue reading "Naan Mirugamaai Maara"

  • Miral movie review

    Story: Vani Bhojan gets nightmares for a while and Bharath is also troubled by the same. Following the advice of those around them, the couple along with their child leave to their hometown to offer prayers to the deity there. Though they planned to stay there for a couple of days, Bharath gets an urgent work and the family is… Continue reading "Miral movie review"

  • Yashoda movie review

    Story: Samantha is a middle class girl who accepts to become pregnant through surrogacy as she is in need of money. She signs an agreement with a big company and goes to a mysterious building in order to stay there right from getting pregnant to delivering a child. She experiences some unique situations there. Women who are ready to deliver… Continue reading "Yashoda movie review"

  • Parole movie review

    Story: Linga goes to juvenile jail at an early age and is treated inappropriately by the inmates. Enraged by this, he brutally murders them. He is released after six years following the efforts made by his mother Janaki Suresh. Linga’s younger brother K S Karthik thinks that his mother is partial towards him. Linga becomes a paid killer gets caught… Continue reading "Parole movie review"

  • Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham movie review

    Story: Kaushik Ram is a happy-go-lucky youngster who wants to have a romantic life that’s filmy. Meanwhile, Anjali Nair, an entrepreneur, falls in love with Kaushik at the very first sight. She asks him to marry her. Though Kaushik was hesitant initially, he agrees to it later. Troubles begin when Anjali comes to know about Kaushik’s diary in which he… Continue reading "Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham movie review"

  • Prince movie review

    Story: Sivakarthikeyan, a school teacher, falls in love with Maria Ryaboshapka, who works as an English teacher in the same school. Sivakarthikeyan tries to impress her but faces many problems while marrying the desired girl. What are the problems and difficulties? Was Siva able to marry Maria forms the rest of the story. Analysis: Anudeep’s strength lies in slapstick humour… Continue reading "Prince movie review"

  • Sardar movie review

    Story: Karthi is a police officer and he will do anything for the sake of being trending in front of the media. The story takes a different turn when an important file goes missing, CBI and RAW find out that it contains old military secrets. Karthi decides to find the file before RAW Intelligence so that he can be trending… Continue reading "Sardar movie review"