Vadakkupatti Ramasamy Movie Review


Santhanam  who is an atheist builds a temple in his village and earns money through it.

A new Tahsildar who comes to the village, finds out the truth about Santhanam.

The Tahsildar suggests that Santhanam can lease out the land and earn more.

Tahsildar asks a huge amount as commission do this. However, Santhanam decides not to give commission to the Tahsildar.

This angers the Tahsildar who closes the temple and seals it. What Santhanam does after this forms the rest of the story.


Directed by Karthik Yogi, the film is less about its lead characters and more about its supporting artists, who keep the comedy flowing throughout the film.

Karthik has interestingly designed his massive support cast giving them fun liners, unique behavior as they steal the epic moments of the film.

Santhanam shines in his role and is back in his full form. Not the counter dialogues, he shines with his expressions as well.

Mega Akash’s role is functional and does not have much to do.

The scenes involving Motta Rajendran and Nizhalgal Ravi are a riot. Rest of the cast have also done their part well.

Sean Roldan sets the right mood for the movie with his music and camerawork by Deepak is impressive.

Rest of the technical aspects are okay as well.

Rating: 3.4/5