Idi Minnal Kadhal movie review


Ciby’s life takes an unexpected turn after he is involved in a fatal accident in which an innocent pedestrian is killed.

Though Ciby wants to confess and get punishment for his mistake, he is stopped by his girlfriend Bhavya Trikha.

Meanwhile, the pedestrian’s teenage son played by Adhithya is orphaned and his life is in danger.

Fate brings Ciby and Adhithya together after a series of incidents.  What happens next forms the crux of  the story.


Directed by Balaji Madhavan, the movie speaks about the complexity of human emotions especially that of guilt and redemption.

The storyline of the movie is fresh and the way in which it is executed is also commendable.

The director could have paced the movie in a better manner which would have made the movie all the gripping.

Ciby delivers a compelling performance as a man grappling with remorse.

Bhavya Trikha delivers a nuanced performance with convincing emotions.

Adhithya has portrayed the essence of a child suffering from trauma and delivers an appreciable performance.

Sam C S’ background gels well with the theme of the movie.

Cinematography by Jayachander Pinnamneni has captured the proceedings in an effective manner.

Rating: 3.3/5