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  • Vezham movie review

    Story: Ashok Selvan and Ishwarya Menon are in love with each other. One day when they return back from the woods they are attacked by a serial killer. While Ashok manages to escape, Ishwarya is not lucky. Following this Ashok suffers from the trauma of the incident. However, he is also determined to get his revenge on the serial killer.… Continue reading "Vezham movie review"

  • Maayon movie review

    Story: Sibi is a smuggler, who is entrusted with the task of stealing a hidden treasure from an ancient temple. However, the temple has a myth, according to after the Kurukshetra war Krishan rested in this temple. So anyone who enters the temple after 6 pm will either lose their mind or their life. What happens next and was Sibi… Continue reading "Maayon movie review"


    Pepper Watcher Productions in association with Anglos In the Wind  CALCUTTA, I’M SORRY! Written & Directed by Harry MacLure, (a playwright, comic book illustrator & filmmaker, also the Editor of Anglos In The Wind, an international magazine for Anglo-Indians,) this English film sketches the emotional journey (both physically & mentally) of an Anglo-Indian lady (Amanda Wright), a teacher living at… Continue reading "CALCUTTA, I’M SORRY!"

  • Ammuchi 2 review

    Story: In the first part Arun comes to his grandmother’s village unwillingly. But he has a fun time and then goes back to his home. However, in Ammuchi 2, he retruns back to the village with a mission. In this part he goes back to the village to help in the education of Mithra which will in turn have an… Continue reading "Ammuchi 2 review"

  • Suzhal review

    Story: A Cement factory is functioning at Sambalur. Parthiban is the union leader of the factory and stages a protest making several demands. With the support of police, Harish Uthaman handles the protest easily. On the night of the protest, the factory catches fire and also Parthiban’s youngest daughter goes missing. The Mayana Kollai festival is also happening in the… Continue reading "Suzhal review"

  • O2 movie review

    Story: Nayanthara is a single mom with a eight-year-old son Rithvik, who suffers from cystic fibrosis. He will be able to breathe properly only with the help of an oxygen cylinder. Nayanthara along with Rithvik embark on a bus journey. They are accompanied by passengers with different emotions. Unfortunately the bus gets trapped in a landslide. Faced with a death… Continue reading "O2 movie review"