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  • Ayali webseries review

    Story: The story takes place in 1990. Girls of a particular village in Pudukottai district are married as soon as they attain puberty. They are also stopped from getting educated. However, Tamilselvi who dreams of becoming a doctor, hides that she has attained puberty and continues to go to school. She wants to change the superstitious beliefs in the village.… Continue reading "Ayali webseries review"

  • V3 movie review

    Story: Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is a former IAS officer. She is deputed to investigate a case in which five youngsters are encountered for raping and killing a young girl. Varalaxmi starts investigating the case and makes some startling revealations. Why were the youngsters murdered, what actually happened to the girls, Was Varalaxmi able to find the actual culprits forms the crux… Continue reading "V3 movie review"

  • Jasper movie review

    Story: Vivek Rajagopal and Aishwarya Dutta grow together at an orphanage. They both get married and Vivek also lands at a job in a bank. Following this the couple shifts to a rental house whose owner is an alcohol addict. When things are going smooth for the family. Vivek is kidnapped by a gang, Aishwarya seeks the help of the… Continue reading "Jasper movie review"

  • Enjoy movie review

    Story: Madhan Kumar is an IAS aspirant, he stays along with dancer Vignesh and another rich boy Harish Kumar. Meanwhile, Jiivi Aparna, Charumisa and Niranjana all become friends after joining a college in Chennai. The trio is saved from ragging by their senior Haasin. Madhan, Vignesh and Harish plan for a trip to Kodaikanal. On the other hand Jeevi Aparna,… Continue reading "Enjoy movie review"

  • Naai Sekar Returns movie review

    Story: Naai Sekar Returns begins with the introduction of Vadivelu and Anandraj. While Vadivelu kidnaps dogs, Anandraj kidnaps women. Problems begin when Vadively kidnaps Anandraj’s pet dog. After a series of incidents Vadivelu comes to know about the lucky pet dog that his family used to have was kidnapped. He finds out that a kingpin from Hyderabad is having the… Continue reading "Naai Sekar Returns movie review"

  • DSP movie review

    Story: Vijay Sethupathi hails from a middle class family and aspires to get a government job and becomes Police officer. He has a sister of marriageable age and is trying hard to find a groom for her. Meanwhile he crosses swords with a local rowdy. Following this he leaves town only to be back as the DSP to take on… Continue reading "DSP movie review"

  • Miral movie review

    Story: Vani Bhojan gets nightmares for a while and Bharath is also troubled by the same. Following the advice of those around them, the couple along with their child leave to their hometown to offer prayers to the deity there. Though they planned to stay there for a couple of days, Bharath gets an urgent work and the family is… Continue reading "Miral movie review"