Ninaivellam Neeyada movie review


Young Prajan falls in love with Yuvalakshmi, a newcomer to the school.

He gives her a love letter near the end of school.

However, Yuvalakshmi goes abroad to see her father due to his health condition.

Meanwhile, Prajan’s family forces him to marry his uncle’s daughter.

The couple are not happy and are always fighting with each other.

Prajan becomes a drunk because of his old love. Seeing this, his wife becomes distraught and mad.

In this situation, Yuvalakshmi, who went abroad, returns to India.

Prajan is heartbroken to see that Yuvalakshmi is not married and is in love with him.

But there comes and unexpected twist.What is it and what happens next forms the rest of the story.


Directed by Aadhiraajan, the movie is a breezy love story.

The way in which the director has staged the movie is good.

The love portions in the school are really good and the way in which the movie progresses after that is also interesting.

Prajan has delivered one of his best performances so far.

He is too good in the love portions and has delivered a natural performance when suffers in his marriage.

Yuvalakshmi’s performance is one of the biggest strength of the movie.

She has breathed life into her character and has carried it in an elegant manner.

Rest of the cast including Redin Kingsley, Rohit, Manobala, Madhumitha and R V Udhayakumar have all delivered what was expected from them.

Songs and BGM by Ilayaraja are breezy and suits the theme of the movie well.

Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are good as well.

Rating: 3.4/5