Birthmark movie review

Daniel and Jennifer are a married couple who are expecting their baby.
However, instead of going to the hospital for delivery, the couple choose to go to a village where midwifery method is followed.
Why did the couple choose the midwifery method.
What happens at the village? Did the delivery take place successfully forms the core plot of the movie.
Director Vikram Shreedharan has took up an interesting plot and has delivered it in an engaging manner.
The way in which he has executed the proceedings is one of the biggest strengths of the movie.
Shabeer Kallarakkal is mighty impressive in the role.
He displays the various emotions that his character goes through with ease.
Shabeer has delivered a strong performance in the character.
Mirnaa shines in the role of pregnant women, who has her own secret.
Porkodi Senthil, Indrajith, Deepthie and PR Varalakshmi have all done commendable supporting roles.
She has carried a complex character with utmost perfection.
Mirnaa breathes life into the character and keeps the audience engaged.
Vishal Chandrashekar’s background score sits well with the proceedings.
Iniyavan Pandian keeps it simple and tidy with his editing. Dialogues are good and Udhay Thangavel’s camerawork is impressive.
Rating: 3.8/5