FIR Movie review


Irfan Ahmad (Vishnu Vishal), a Chemical Engineer, is a Gold Medalist from IIT. He works in a small chemical company and keeps trying for a good job.

He supplies chemicals to a Muslim company. Under such circumstances, Abu Bakar Abdullah, an ISIS terrorist, is planning to carry out bomb blasts in various parts of Sri Lanka and India in an attempt to create havoc.

NIA arrests Irfan on suspicion of blasts in Sri Lanka. What is Irfan’s relationship with the international terrorist? Was Irfan involved in the bomb blast? Who is Abubakar Abdullah forms the rest of the story?


The movie directed by debutant Manu Anand packs a solid punch. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The movie is not hero centric and so all the characters play an vital role in the proceedings.

Vishnu Vishal has once again pushed himself out of the comfort zone and that effort should be appreciated.

The female characters in the movie are also used effectively. Manjima and Reba Monica John score in the scenes that they appear.

Gautham Menon continues his terrific stint as an actor. He is apt for the character of the National Security Advisor in the movie. Ashwath’s music elevates the tension in each scene.