Dr. Bhairavi Senthil’s statement with Legal Notice details

This is with reference to the picture of Ms. Raiza Wilson in Instagram and other social media with regard to a clinical procedure, which she had undergone in our clinic on 16.04.2021. The said clinical procedure is more a cosmetic application of skin treatment. The said clinical procedure involves administration of substance in the facial skin to enhance and rejuvenate the skin cells. The said procedure is done only with due written consent of the person, who shall sign the necessary forms and declarations. The procedure will be clearly explained to the person before administration of the substances and all clinical processes and the same shall be in strict compliance of the medical rules and procedures governing the same.

The said Ms.Raiza Wilson, who had undergone such clinical procedure several times earlier and had no complaints, but after the treatment in the last occasion on 16.04.2021 had developed bruises as minor side effects, which shall appear in selective or rare cases, if the precautions and medical advice is not strictly followed. The said rupture is not so serious or critical and the same shall subside and heal naturally within few days and shall not cause damages to the skin.Ms.Raiza Wilson who is well aware of these facts has purposely made a statement and published her photograph in order to defame our clinic, which is well established and reputed and had earned great accolades and appreciation from the public with regard to skin treatment and other dermatology care. 

The statement made by Ms. Raiza Wilson is derogatory and had grossly affected the name, reputation of mine and my clinic. Therefore, I am constrained to initiate legal proceeding against Ms.Raiza Wilson and shall claim apology and suitable compensation for the said defamation, loss and mental agony suffered by me, for which Ms. Raiza Wilson alone shall be liable.

I have issued a notice through my Advocate to Ms.Raiza Wilson on 20.04.2021 and the same has been duly received by Ms.Raiza Wilson.

I assure that our treatment and services are the best amongst the dermatology clinics and therefore public are requested not to panic and have aspersions due to the said derogatory statement by Ms. Raiza Wilson, which is nothing but mischief done against me. 

I request your support and patronage as before and I shall always provide you the best of my clinical experiences forever.

I have received a notice dt.21.04.2021 from the advocate of Ms.Raiza Wilson and her false claims in the same are denied and shall be suitably replied through my Advocate and appropriate action shall be taken to defend the same.


Dr. Bhairavi Senthil