Captain Miller movie review


Dhanush and his mother, along with other villagers, are victims of oppression.

The people in the village are never allowed to step into the village temple which they built.

One day, the arrival of his brother Shiva Rajkumar in the village for the local festival, results in the death of his mother.

Dhanush believes that it is better to serve the Britishers as he thinks that they give him respect.

At the British camp, he gets rechristened as Miller. But, little does he realise that they are the bigger enemies. Dhanush starts living a nomadic after a life changing incident.

However, he is spotted by Elango Kumaravel and finds a new purpose in life. What happens next forms the rest  of the story.


Captain Miller is director Arun Matheswaran’s best work till date.  The film has a layered story about a man’s fight for freedom, which is coupled with top-notch filmmaking.

As usual Dhanush owns the character and expresses the rage and anger in a raw manner.  This is another top notch performance from the  actor.

Though Shiva Rajkumar’s role may be a cameo, it is a superb one and he makes quite an impact in it.

Another brilliant performance comes from Nivedhitha Sathish, who plays a head-strong woman in the dacoit gang.

Priyanka Arulmohan , is impressive in the lesser screen time she had. Elango Kumaravel, Sundeep Kishan, and the supporting actors ably helped carry the movie forward.

GV Prakash is in his best form in the film.  Cinematographer Siddhartha Nuni makes us sit up and take notice of his camera work.

Rating: 3.4/5