Triple O Studio presents session on ‘Utilizing native tropical dry evergreen forest in landscape projects: An effective approach’

Triple O Studio is thrilled to present its next Evolve Wednesday Events- a session on ‘Utilizing native  tropical dry evergreen forest in landscape projects. This thought-provoking event is set to take place at  Triple O Studio in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar on November 29 th , 2023, at 6:30 PM. The session is going to be  conducted by Mr Ram, a dedicated environmentalist and active participant in the organization ‘Flying Hornbill.

Ram’s passion for nature conservation is evident through his active role in ‘Flying Hornbill’ Beyond his  organizational commitment, he has made a significant impact by establishing a nursery called ‘Uyirmoochi’in the backyard of his house in Kadamangalam. Translating to’the life-providing air’,this  nursery reflects Ram’s deep connection to nature and his commitment to preserving the environment.

Focusing on the Eastern Ghats region, where urbanization and deforestation have drastically reduced  native plant species to a mere 2%, Ram has taken it upon himself to reverse this trend. His efforts involve  the meticulous collection of seeds from these endangered plants, particularly in the vicinity of the ‘Ayyanar temple’, a regional landmark recognized by ‘Flying Hornbill’. Ram nurtures  these seeds in his nursery, overseeing their growth into saplings, and subsequently leads large-scale plantation initiatives.

The session on the 29th of November will be an opportunity for Ram to share the valuable insights and  experiences gained throughout his inspiring journey. Attendees can expect to learn about the challenges  and successes encountered in utilizing native tropical dry evergreen forest resources in landscape  projects, and how these approaches can be effectively integrated into broader conservation efforts.

The event promises to be enlightening, providing a platform for participants to engage with Ram, ask  questions, and gain a deeper understanding of sustainable landscape practices. Ram’s dedication to  preserving the environment serves as an inspiration for all those seeking innovative and effective solutions to the challenges posed by urbanization and deforestation.

Triple O Studio invites all interested individuals to join this informative session.. To secure your spot for  this event, please call 7845946906 to register.