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  • Regina movie review

    Story: Sunaina and Ananth Nag are a happy couple. However, a robbery at Ananth Nag’s bank ends up killing him. Sunaina is distraught, shaken and shocked seeing her husband’s lifeless body. Sunaina’s activist father was also killed in an altercation when she was young. Now, with her husband gone, will Sunaina  leaves her home and escapes to Varkala, where she… Continue reading "Regina movie review"

  • Cadaver movie review

    Story: Amala Paul, is a forensic surgeon, who is assigned to assist Harish Uthaman and Munishkanth in solving the murder case of a renowned surgeon who is murdered by a mystery man. Based on the evidences available, they start questioning a suspect. But to their shock, more murders take place affecting their investigation. There is no progress in the case… Continue reading "Cadaver movie review"

  • Idiot movie review

    Story: The movie starts off with two subordinates Sethupathi and Senapathi betraying a royal family. Several years later, Siva and Nikki Galrani – descendants of Sethupathi and Senapathi land in a haunted mansion together along with their family. What happens next forms the rest of the story. Analysis: The story of Idiot is nothing different from the usual ghost films… Continue reading "Idiot movie review"