Idiot movie review

The movie starts off with two subordinates Sethupathi and Senapathi betraying a royal family.

Several years later, Siva and Nikki Galrani – descendants of Sethupathi and Senapathi land in a haunted mansion together along with their family.

What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The story of Idiot is nothing different from the usual ghost films that we see in Kollywood.

However, it is the presentation by director Ram Bala which keeps the proceedings interesting.

The chemistry between Rambala and Siva has worked out big time.

The timing of the comedy and the humour sense are big plus to the movie. Siva as usual shines with his own way of acting and evokes laughter.

The combination scenes between Siva and Anandraj are a riot. Ram Bala has also subtly made some contemporary political references.

Nikki Galrani has done her part well. Rest of the cast including Redin Kingsly have delivered what was expected from them. Music by Vikram Selva is apt for the film.

Raja Battacharji’s camerwork is impressive.

Rating: 3.3/5