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  • Yugi movie review

    Story: At the beginning of the film, a pregnant Kayal Anandhi gets into a car. Narain and Kathir on one side and Natty on the other side are trying to find her. Who is Anandhi, what happened to her, and why are they trying to find her forms the rest of the story. Analysis: Kudos to director Zac Harris who… Continue reading "Yugi movie review"

  • Kathir movie review

    Story: Venkatesh is an engineering graduate who goes to Chennai in search of job. He is finding it difficult to get a job as he is not good in English and resorts to drinking. His house owner Rajini Saandi advises Venkatesh and tries to getting him on the right path. What happens next forms the rest of the story. Analysis:… Continue reading "Kathir movie review"