Yugi movie review


At the beginning of the film, a pregnant Kayal Anandhi gets into a car.

Narain and Kathir on one side and Natty on the other side are trying to find her.

Who is Anandhi, what happened to her, and why are they trying to find her forms the rest of the story.


Kudos to director Zac Harris who has made this story as his first film with a very complex screenplay.

‘Yugi’ has all the elements to make a proper thriller movie.

Each and Every character has been given importance.

There are so many characters in the movie and at one point it becomes difficult to keep track of them.

The investigation sequences are well made and keeps the audience engaged.

Kayal Ananadhi gets a strong role to play and has delivered what was expected from her.

Narain, Kathir and Natty have all performed exceptionally well and have done justice to their respective characters.

Pushparaj Santhosh’s camerawork is impressive. Ranjan Raj’s music adds more strength of the movie.


Rating: 3.4/5