Naai Sekar Returns movie review


Naai Sekar Returns begins with the introduction of Vadivelu and Anandraj. While Vadivelu kidnaps dogs, Anandraj kidnaps women.

Problems begin when Vadively kidnaps Anandraj’s pet dog. After a series of incidents Vadivelu comes to know about the lucky pet dog that his family used to have was kidnapped.

He finds out that a kingpin from Hyderabad is having the dog.

Vadivelu decides to retrieve his family dog. Was he successful in his mission and what happens next forms the rest of the story.


The theme that director Suraaj has taken is interesting, but the director seemed to have heavily banked on Vadivelu’s hit jokes.

The screenplay could have been penned in a better manner which would have made things all the more interesting.

It is always a joy to watch Vadivelu on the big screen. He manages to keep the audience entertained throughout the movie.

However, audience who expected much for the ace comedian’s comeback movie would be a little disappointed.

Shivani Narayanan gets a meaty role and has used the opportunity well.

Sivaangi gets lesser screenspace and delivers what was expected from her. Redin Kingsly has done his part well.

Santhosh Narayanan’s music fits the theme of the movie well. Rest of the technical aspects are good.

Rating: 3.2/5