Jawan movie review


Shah Rukh Khan, a bald-headed, middle-aged man, with a group of young women skilled in hacking, weapons handling, and crowd control hijack a bustling metro station.

Shah Rukh Khan maintains an unusual cheerfulness for a hijacker who has taken innocent people hostage and shot a woman in cold blood.

His wit is laced with sarcasm and contemporary pop culture references, all while demanding a staggering ransom of over Rs 40,000 crore.

A special task force headed by Nayanthara is tasked with negotiating with Shah Rukh Khan and securing the hostages’ release.

Who is Shah Rukh Khan why has be hijacked the metro station. Why did he demand Rs 40,000 crore and did he get it forms the rest of the story.


Jawan’s screenplay by Atlee and S. Ramanagirivasan is engaging and gripping. With multiple twists, the screenplay manages to engage you from the beginning. Some are predictable and you can call the bluff, but some, one can’t foresee at all.

SRK dons a new look and much to the delight of his fans, he aces them all. Especially that metro hijack sequence where Khan sported a bald look.

As the youngster Shah Rukh Khan wooed with his lover-boy image and as the father with grey hair and a cigarette in his mouth, he carries unmatched swag.

Vijay Sethupathi brings his own charm and gravitas. His portions are powerful and menacing. In his young as well as aged avatar, Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t let go of the fear he evokes with his presence.

Nayanthara brings freshness and is greeted with a slo-mo shot each time she comes on screen.

Deepika Padukone, on the other hand, as father Shah Rukh Khan’s wife in a special appearance, is a treat to watch.

SRK’s army of girls is the backbone of Jawan and it’s heartening to see that each of them get enough screen time to shine and form an integral part of the film’s story and screenplay.

Anirudh, who makes his Bollywood debut delivers a stellar soundtrack. Camerawork by GK Vishnu also impresses.

Rating: 4.2/5