YRF holds back Tiger 3’s second track Uyirula Ula to protect a major plot twist till release!

Yash Raj Films has always believed in building secrecy around the YRF Spy Universe as it has lead to greater anticipation amongst audiences. For Tiger 3, Aditya Chopra has decided that he will hold back the release of its second song Uyirula Ula to protect a major plot point of the film from coming out till its release on Diwali, Sunday, Nov 12!

Director Maneesh Sharma reveals, “Tiger and Zoya are on a much more personal and intense journey in this film, and Uyirula Ula gives voice to that. The way it’s picturised in the film, we really wanted to keep such main story plots, the way they are meant to be experienced – in the cinema, in the moment.”

Maneesh says, “Knowing that we have this soulful song, picturised on Salman Khan, and taking a decision to withhold it – it’s been tough!”
He adds, “But we know that at the end, when you hear Uyirula Ula in the context of the story you will know that we did the right thing! We feel it is a huge, huge moment and it will add to the excitement around Tiger 3 on release day.”

Salman & Katrina reprise their iconic roles as super spies Tiger and Zoya, respectively in the threequel Tiger 3! This is the fifth film in the YRF Spy Universe’s cinematic timeline. All the previous four – Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai, WAR & Pathaan have been blockbusters.