Yashwant Sinha meets representatives of Secular Progressive Alliance in presence of Stalin

Yashwant Sinha, the joint opposition candidate for the Presidential election, on Thursday said that Governors were misbehaving with the elected state governments and acting like agents of the Centre, instead of being agents of the President, under the Modi regime.

Sinha also said that if he becomes the President of India, he will ensure that the provisions of the Constitution are strictly adhered to and excesses of the Union government are stopped.

Addressing the elected representatives of the Secular Progressive Alliance in the presence of Chief Minister MK Stalin at DMK headquarters Anna Arivalayam on Thursday, Sinha said one who holds the post of the President must act as a restraining force of the executive.

“We cannot have a person who is the prisoner of the Prime Minister at the Rashtrapati Bhavan,” he said.

Recalling how Modi handed over the nomination papers of the NDA presidential nominee (Draupadi Murmu), Sinha added, “Do we want a Rashtrapati, who will be absolutely silent in Rashtrapati Bhavan just as she was silent after filing her nomination?” Reasoning that his candidature was a continuing struggle against the excesses of the government and the party which runs the government, Sinha said,

“I was struggling against it earlier. I will continue to struggle against it even in the future.”

Defending his candidature he said, “If I were the 10th choice, I would have accepted. For me, this is part of the struggle we are engaged in this country to protect the Constitution.”