Withhold three new criminal laws: Stalin tells Shah

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin wrote to Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday, asking him to withdraw the three new criminal laws.

He said in the letter that the new laws were enacted in “haste, without adequate deliberations and consultations”.

Stalin requested the Home Minister to review the new enactments after taking into consideration the views of all the states and other key stakeholders, and withhold the laws for the time being.

“These enactments are falling within List III – concurrent list of the Constitution of India and hence extensive consultation ought to have been done with the State Government. The States were not given adequate time to express their views and the new laws were passed by the Parliament without the participation of the opposition parties,” the Chief Minister said in the letter.

“Implementation of these new laws will require discussions with academic institutions and revision of syllabus for Law College students, which requires sufficient timeâ€æ It is also imperative to frame new rules and revise the existing forms and operating procedures in consultation with stakeholder departments, which cannot be done in haste,” he added.

He highlighted certain issues faced by the state government in the implementation of the three new criminal laws which replaced the Indian Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Indian Evidence Act last year.