Vishal issues statement denying rumours of marriage

There are frequent speculations about the wedding of actor Vishal.

He was linked to several heroines in the past but the rumors said that they could not reach the stage of marriage.

There are fresh speculations that Vishal is dating actress Lakshmi Menon and the duo is working together in Paandiya Naadu.

Vishal issued a statement to the media responding about his wedding speculations. He said that he is focused on his career currently and he has no time for wedding.

He called the rumors baseless. Here is the official statement of Vishal: “Usually I don’t respond to any fake news or rumors about me coz I feel it’s useless. But now since the rumour about my marriage with Laksmi Menon is doing the rounds, I point blankly deny this and it’s absolutely not true and baseless. The reason behind my response is only because it involves a Girl firstly more than her being an actress. You are invading and spoiling a girl’s private life and maligning her image. It’s not a Bermuda triangle to decode the year, date, time and who I am getting married in the future. Hope sense prevails. When the time comes will announce my marriage officially. God Bless.”