TN government announces Pongal bonus to teachers and group C and D category employees

The DMK government on Monday announced a Pongal bonus to teachers and group ‘C’ and ‘D’ category employees of the state government.

The government would incur an additional expenditure to the tune of Rs 221.42 crore to distribute Pongus to the targeted group of employees and retired Village officers and Assistants, according to an order from the Finance department.

Government employees in the categories of C and D and teachers would receive a maximum of Rs 3,000 as Pongal bonus.

Employees on full-time or part time under consolidated pay/ honorarium or those who are on fixed pay and worked for a minimum of 240 days in a financial year would be receiving a bonus of Rs 1,000, while the government pensioners, who retired from group C and D categories, family pensioners and retired village officer and village assistants would be paid Rs 500 as Pongal bonus.