“THE ROAD” Movie Review

In the opening scene of “The Road,” a quarreling couple meets a tragic end at the hands of seasoned criminals on a dark highway. Their deaths are cleverly disguised as a mere traffic accident, setting the stage for a gripping narrative. As the story unfolds, we soon discover that Meera (played by Trisha) and her family are planning a road trip, which immediately raises concerns given the ominous introduction. Yet, before Meera, her husband Anand (Santhosh Pratap), and their son Kavin embark on their fateful journey, we endure a few forced moments of family bonding that come across as insincere and contrived.

Thankfully, the film swiftly shifts gears and delves into two parallel storylines. On one side, we witness Meera grappling with the truth behind the staged accident and her determination to unravel the mystery, with the assistance of Subramani (MS Baskar), a police officer, and Anu (Miya George), a close friend. Meanwhile, Professor Maya (Shabeer Kallarakkal), who teaches at a college near Madurai, faces disgrace when a student falsely accuses him of sexual assault.

Director Arun Vaseegaran masterfully blends these tonally distinct narratives, surprising the audience with their convergence. The investigative aspect of the story is particularly effective, keeping the mystery shrouded until the climactic reveal. The film capitalizes on Trisha’s vulnerability, evoking genuine concerns for her safety, especially during a gripping scene set amidst a labyrinth of rocks. However, the film’s standout element is its ability to evoke empathy for its antagonist, achieved through strong writing that delves into the character’s transformation.

As the identity of the highway menace is unveiled, “The Road” briefly succumbs to generic conventions, seemingly struggling to find new plot developments. The overpowering background score by Sam CS and the cinematography remain effective, but it is Shabeer Kallarakal who truly shines as he skillfully navigates a character imbued with complex undertones, delivering a memorable performance that lingers in the audience’s memory.

In conclusion, “The Road” captivates with its initial suspense and the clever intertwining of two disparate storylines. While it stumbles briefly in its resolution, the film’s strengths lie in its ability to keep audiences engaged and emotionally invested. Shabeer Kallarakal’s standout performance adds depth to the narrative, making “The Road” a worthwhile watch for those seeking a blend of mystery and empathetic storytelling.



Written & Directed by ARUN VASEEGARAN, DFT.,Music composer – SAM C.S ,Director of cinematography -K G VENKATESH, DFT.Editor -A.R.SHIVARAJ, M.sc,DFT.,Art director -SHIVAYADAV,Stunt -PHEONIX PRABU,Stills -AMEER,Make up – S.RAVI Costume designer – CHAITHANYA RAO,Costumer – NATARAJ,Line producers – ERANIELKONAM.M.J.RAJAN, YERAGASELVAN & GANESH GOPINATH ,Executive producer – A. JAI SAMPATH & SUBRAMANIDOSS , Pro – DIOMOND BABU,Publicity Designs – SHABEER