Thangalaan trailer is fascinating and highly promising

Thangalaan has been in the making for many years. The film, directed by Pa. Ranjith, will hit big screens in August.

As promised, the makers unveiled the theatrical trailer, and it looks highly promising.

The movie is based on a few real-life events that happened in Kolar Gold Fields.

A British General visits Vikram’s village to seek the residents’ service.

The Britisher informs the inhabitants that their village has traces of gold. In their desire to take possession of the gold, the villagers get into a mess provoked by an evil force.

The villagers start believing that some supernatural power is restricting them from finding the gold.

Vikram soon realizes that a sorceress named Aarati (played by Malvika Mohanan) is causing the trouble.

Vikram decides to stop the sorceress with all his might. Will he be able to do that or not? Who is this Aarati? What’s her back story? Why is she stopping the villagers from discovering the gold? The film will have the answers.

The trailer is filled with many interesting moments and amazing action set pieces. The background score by GV Prakash Kumar is tantalizing.