Tamil Movie Review

Yevanavan Tamil Movie Review


Akhil and Nayana are lovers and the heroine’s parents give the green signal for their marriage.

One day her parents go out of station and Nayana calls Akhil to stay with her. They both stay in separate rooms, however the hero takes a video of the heroine bathing and shows it to her.

Angered by this, she asks him to delete the video. Though he does it there, he recovers it later after reaching home.

Unfortunately for him, he loses his mobile which lands in the hands of Saran. Since Akhil threatens him, out of curiousity Saran unlocks the phone to find the bathing video.

While Akhil tells him that it is his lover, Saran gets all the more frustrated and plans to teach him a lesson.

He asks Akhil to slap a minister with slipper in return of his phone. With no one other go Akhil obliges and beats the Minister and later tells him why he did that only to find out that the Minister is actually Nayana’s elder brother.

In the meanwhile Akhil along with his friends beat up Saran and throw him in to the sea. The minister orders the arrest of Akhil.

What happens after this, did the lovers get married, what did the minister do, what happens to Saran forms the rest of the story.


Though the lead pair have given their best performances, there seems to be something missing and there is also a loss of depth in the movie.

Sonia Agarwal who comes as a cop in the movie has given a solid performance.

Director Natty Kumar has tried to show how even a small mistake, carelessness can lead to big problems.

He has also showcased how the modern youth are doing things without thinking about the end result amd its effects.

The director could have concentrated more on the screenplay and characteristaion. Music by Fedo Peter is above average.

To sum it up, ‘Yevan Avan’ is a movie with a good story line which could have been executed in a better way

Rating: 2.9/5