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Sabhapathy movie review


Santhanam is a young man with a speech disorder from birth. He is in love with his neighbour Preethi Verma.

His father M S Bhaskar is a government employee who is about to retire. So Bhaskar wants Santhanam to get a job.

Even though Santhanam tries his best, he is not able to secure a job due to his stammering problem. Dejected by this, one day he goes home drunk and creates a ruckus.

In an inebriated state Santhanam does something which changes his entire life. What is it and what happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Srinivasa Rao has picked the theme of fate influencing a person’s life and has presented it with fantasy elements.

The director has delivered some social messages as well. Santhanam dons a different role and does a decent job in this new avatar. However, he still has the humour element to the character.

M S Bhaskar as usuall delivers a neat performance and is convincing as the hero’s father. Preethi Verman does not have much to do.

Pugazh and Swaminthan have done their part well. Songs by Sam C S are passable, however the BMG is good.

Cinematography by Baskar Arumugam is good. The movie would have been all the more enjoyable if it had a better screenplay.