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Yennanaga Sir Unga Sattam movie review


The movie has two different stories with the same cast. An upcoming filmmaker narrates a romantic story to a producer.

The protagonist falls in love with three women in various stages of life. All three of them are from different religions. what happens in all the three love portions is told in a hilarious manner.

However, the producer is not impressed with the story.

So the director now narrates a serious story in which he speaks about how three young men belonging to different castes are affected due to the reservations in government jobs.


The attempt made by director Prabhu Jeyaraman should be appreciated. The entire movie gives a fresh and new viewing experience. The film is very honest in its attempt and has delivered what the director wanted to convey in a crystal clear manner.

The dialogues are hard-hitting. R S Karthik playing the lead role has done a decent job in two different characters.

He is impressive as the lover body in the first-half and an angry youth in the second-half. Rohini’s experience is clearly visible in the two different characters that she plays.

Rest of the cast including Junior Balayya, Bhagavathi Perumal, Ayraa and Meera Mithun have all done their part well. The movie is technically sound as well. Music by Guna Balasubramaniam is catchy. Arun Radhakrishnan’s cinematography is fine.

Rating: 3.7/5