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X Videos Tamil Movie Review

X Videos Tamil Movie ReviewSTORY:

Journalist Manoj (Ajay Raj) and his colleague Danny (Nijay) are given with an assignment of getting feedback from the people on government’s decision to shut porn sites.

While doing so, Manoj comes across an intimate video of a husband-wife and they turn out to be his best friend Ankit (Prasanna Shetty) and Tripthi (Akriti Singh).

On coming to know about the spread of the clip, Ankit commits suicide. Enraged, Manoj sets out to find the network behind the uploading of such videos.

His investigation is being aided by his cop friend Imran (Shan). His search finally takes him to Vikram (Praboojit) and his gang of wicked software professionals.

The team has launched a porn site featuring homemade, sex videos and it procures content from mobile technicians and persons who service computers and laptops. Is Manoj able to bust the network?


Kudos to director Sajo for coming out with a film which is the need of the hour. At a time when porn sites feature videos of couples leading to extreme decisions in life, he has made this film unravelling how such personal videos make it to the world wide web.

The research made by the director and his team is laudable. Also, in a story which has a danger to turn out a soft-porn movie, he has struck a fine balance.

The movie, without being sexy and without getting preachy, has conveyed the intended message and strikes a chord with the audience.

Performance wise, Manoj has done well, while Akriti is also good. Rest of the cast is okay. Technically, the movie has received what it deserves.

On the whole, X Videos, which runs for less than two hours, is an apt movie which delivers the right message the society needs at this point of time. There are some loopholes which can be overlooked.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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