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Watchman Movie Review


A young watchman (G V Prakash Kumar) is in love with a girl (Samyuktha Hegde). All of a sudden, her parents visit him and fix their engagement date.

The protagonist is in a struggle to settle his debts and hatches a plan to steal from a bungalow. As he attempts to enter the place, a dog poses him hurdle.

Actually, the dog is seeking his help to save its master, who is being chased by terrorists. But the watchman fails to understand what the dog wants to convey.

The rest is all about whether he understands the dog’s message or not, whether its master is saved and whether the watchman is able to repay his credits and settles with his ladylove.


The story promises a great opportunity for a nail-baiting thriller. But, the screenplay is not as promising as the story. As a result, we are unable to sustain our interest while watching the movie.

G V Prakash Kumar seems to be on an acting spree and this is his third film in two months if we are right. And, director Vijay is a movie-making machine as his Devi 2 is getting ready to hit the screens.

Both have joined hands for Watchman, which is good in parts. Perhaps due to their other commitments, the duo could not have concentrated fully on this flick. But still, they have managed to give whatever is best possible.

Technical aspects is one of the plus points of the movie. Another highlight is its length. Music and cinematography too help Watchman in its task.

Rating : 2.5 out of 5

Watchman : Pet, set, go

PRO : Suresh Chandra