Tamil Movie Review

Virudhachalam Tamil Movie Review

Virudhachalam Tamil Movie Review

War for love


From the childhood itself, the wedding of Virudhagiri is fixed with his ‘moraiponnu’ Swetha. Hence, both develop affinity towards each other.

One day in school, Sampath, son of the village chieftain, pushes Swetha down. Irked by it, Virudhagiri chops off the hand of Sampath. To take revenge, Sampath decides to hack Virudhagiri, but ends up killing Swetha’s brother.

Following this, both Virudhagiri and Sampath are sent to juvenile school. While coming out of it after years, Sampath finds that Swetha and her family have vacated the village.

In the meantime, a teacher comes to a school nearby and Sampath realises that it is Swetha. But she is not ready to understand him. And Sampath is waiting for an opportunity to avenge.


Directed by Rathan Ganapathi, Virudhachalam is a raw rural tale which portrays the emptions of rural people. Virudhagiri has tried to do justice to his role.

Swetha looks beautiful, while Sampath and the likes are okay. Music by Sri Ram passes muster. Cinematography by Sivanesan S has captured the green locales in a refreshing manner.

The director could have infused more pace in the screenplay. Also, the length could have been avoided. At the same time, he and the team should be lauded for narrating an emotional tale.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Director: Ratnaganapathi
Music: Sriram
Pro: Mounamravi