Tamil Movie Review

VIP 2 Tamil Movie Review


Civil engineer Raghuvaran (Dhanush) leads a happy life with his wife (Amala Paul) and father (Samuthirakani). He works for Anitha Constructions and is loyal to the core to the company.

At an awards ceremony, while all the honours were bagged by employees of Vasundra Constructions, owned by an influential rich woman Vasundra (Kajol), the best engineer award goes to Raghuvaran.

Hence, Vasundra wants him in her team, but a war starts when he refuses her offer. Vasundra, who loses a mega project because of her ego, ensures that all the projects of Anitha Constructions get affected.

Raghuvaran, who does not want his company to suffer because of him, quits the job. Now he decides to start his own firm, VIP Boys, to take on Vasundra. Is he able to achieve his mission?


For a performer like Dhanush, any role is a cakewalk. And it is doubly so in VIP 2, as he plays a character which has already been made memorable by him.

He appears comfortably as Raghuvaran. But this time, he shows some maturity as a family man, who is afraid of his wife. Amala Paul is good as middle class wife and delivers a decent performance.

Though the highlight is Kajol, who is solid, her lip sync is not up to the mark. Samuthirakani, Vivekh and others have been retained from the first part.

Sean Roldan has come up with good music, but one should not compare it with that of Anirudh’s in VIP. Director Soundarya Rajinikanth, who has travelled in a safe path, leaves his stamp however. Though VIP 2 is not as racy and emotional as VIP, it has its own moments which would keep you glued.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5