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Vettai Naai Movie Review


Ramki is a don in Kodaikanal, R K Suresh works as a henchman under him. Suresh falls in love with Subiksha and gets married to her.

Not liking what Suresh does, Subiksha tries to change him and succeeds after several attempts. Suresh leaves Ramki and tries to lead a normal life.

However, Ramki is angry that Suresh has left him. Meanwnhile, a few people who were affected by Suresh are planning to take their revenge on him. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Suresh fits the role of an henchman. His physique and dialogue delivery are apt for the character.

Ramki tries to be menacing as the don, but something seems to be missing. Subiksha should be appreciated for taking up such an intense role and delivering it as needed.

Though there is nothing new in this movie, director Jai Shankar tries his best to make it interesting. The plot is as old as cinema and there are no new twists in the screenplay as well.

However, the movie keeps the audience somewhat engaged throughout its run time. The technical aspects of the film including the cinematography, editing and songs are just average.

Vettai Naai: Been there, Seen that 
Rating: 2.5 out of 5