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Venom: Let there be carnage review

Eddie Brock tries to co-exist with Venom. Brock also ties to revive his career by interviewing Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who does not try anyone else.

But things do not go as expected as Cletus also gets infected with a dealy symbiote.

Now it is upto Brock and Venom to stop Kasady and the other symbiote.


Though the story is a straightforward one, the way it has been handled and presented by Andy Serkis is interesting.

The relationship between Eddie and Venom is treated like an actual relationship, and while director Andy Serkis largely depicts this through a comedic lens it still leaves you with a warm happy feeling.

Hardy manages to underplay an underdog with crowning charm.
Woody Harrelson fully embraces the film’s quirky, often absurd tonality and certainly enjoys playing the antagonist.

Everything from his dramatic changes in pitch to his unsettling body movements and even his weird haircut come together to form a character that isn’t physically threatening but is nonetheless chilling.

Rest of the characters do not get much of an arc. The CGI works look top notch. Music by Marco Beltrami is out of the world.