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Vellai Pookkal Movie Review


Rudhran (Vivekh) is a retired police officer. He is not in good terms with his son Ajay (Dev), who lives in the United States, since he has married an American, named Alice (Paige Henderson).

However, after retirement, Rudhran goes to the US to live with Ajay. He slowly gets accustomed to the living style there and becomes friend with Bharathidasan (Charlie), another retired person who lives with his daughter Ramya (Pooja Devariya).

Interestingly, Ramya happens to be a colleague of Ajay. One day, a mysterious person kidnaps a neighbour of Rudhran. The policeman inside him wakes up and he starts investigating the case.

He is helped in the mission by Bharathidasan. However, as the probe progresses, it only gets too personal for Rudhran loaded with many twists and turns.


Directed by Vivek Elangovan, Vellai Pookal is a crime thriller that has got its basics right. The main advantage is its surprise casting- imagine Vivek and Charlie investigating a serious case.

Vivek Elangovan has handled the script well and the twists are solid. While Vivekh initially appears alien for his role, he becomes comfortable as things progress and at one point of time, he proves that he is completely fit for this character.

Charlie does a Watson and is simply good. Pooja Devariya, Dev and others are good in their respective roles. Watching this film in different layers is like reading a detective novel.

Though some visual experiments have not worked out well, Vellai Pookal is a smart whodunit thriller that would keep the audience on the edge of their seat in most parts.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Vellai Pookkal : White & Red

PRO : Nikil Murukan