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Vedalam Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Vedalam Tamil Movie Review

Ghost from the past

Vedalam Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


From Tamil Nadu, Ganesh (Ajith) and his sister Tamil (Lakshmi Menon) come to Kolkata in pursuit of living, where Tamil gets admission in a college and Ganesh gets appointed as a taxi driver.

Ganesh murders two mafia dons, who are brothers. Starts a flashback, in which Ganesh aka Vedalam is a local don in Chennai and he comes across Tamil and her visually challenged parents.

As Tamil tries to highlight the baddies’ wrong doings to police, her parents get killed by the villains, and eventually, Tamil loses her memories.
Now, Ganesh takes charge of her life as ‘Annan’ and also takes revenge for her parents’ death.


Vedalam is a complete treat to Ajith fans. From the first scene till the end, there are lot of mass moments in store for the thala fanatics.

There are some scenes which stand out, be it the first stunt sequence or the fight sequence just before the interval (which totally plays to the gallery) or the opening of the flashback. Such scenes will indeed stay in mind.

Apart from his heroic gait and flourish, Ajith also impresses in the scenes where he tries to be the typical ‘Annan’ to Laxmi Menon. Ajith’s performance, be it his dialogue delivery or the attitude and authority he displays, is unique to the actor alone.

Shruti deliveres an impressive performance in the first half, while Lakshmi Menon has a role to play to which he does justice. Soori, Motta Rajendran, Thambi Ramaiah and Ashwin are okay. The villains are the roaring, grunting ones that we are used to.

Vetri’s camera has visited some picturesque locales for two of the duet numbers and it also stands tall in stunt sequences. Anirudh’s re-recording gives the required mush to the dramatic scenes and adds the necessary verve to the heroic scenes. His songs, especially Aaluma Doluma… and Veera Vinayaka… are racy.

The sequences between Ajith and Laxmi Menon’s family in the flashback become a stretch. Also, Siva has taken a much familiar route. But there is no denial that Ajith and Siva have dished out a commercial package for the actor’s fans, which makes their festival a ‘thala Deepavali’.

Rating: Above Average