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Vanmurai Paguthi Tamil Movie Review


The protagonist (Manikandan) is a good-for-nothing guy who always indulges in some sort of problem. He does not have any job, drinks often and roams around the village.

Elders believe that he would reform himself if he enters wedlock and start hunting for a bride. However, no one in the locality is ready to marry him since they are aware of his habits.

Somehow, his wedding gets fixed with a girl (Rafia Jaffer), who is a relative of his neighbour. Their engagement too happens.

In the meantime, the brothers of the girl go to jail after murdering their uncle who bumped off their father in a property dispute. The hero and the heroine wait for their marriage and fall in love with each other.

However, the girl’s family comes to know about the bridegroom and stops the marriage. The rest is all about whether the marriage happened or not and what are the consequences of the hero’s short-tempered nature.


Debutant director Naga’s Vanmurai Paguthi is no exception when it comes to violent-filled stories of the past based out of Madurai and other southern areas of Tamil Nadu.

But Naga’s treatment does all the difference and makes us watch Vanmurai Paguthi with all interest. Though most members of the team are newcomers, the director has managed to get the best out of them.

Manikandan emotes well, while Rafia is equally good. Others in the cast too are adequate. Three songs are hummable, and the other advantages of Vanmurai Paguthi are Mahesh’s cinematography and Lingakumar’s editing.

In a limited budget, the director has delivered a gripping tale that talks a lot about human emotions.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Director:Punithan, Naga

Music Director:Punithan

Cast:Thanjai Selvi, Manikandan, Mohan Raja, Raja