Tamil Movie Review

Vanamagan Tamil Movie Review

Vanamagan Tamil Movie Review


Kavya (Sayyeshaa) hails from a rich family. After her parents passed away, she was brought up by her father’s friend (Prakash Raj), who also takes care of her business empire.

One day, Kavya goes to a deep forest area near Andaman and Nicobar islands for holiday. There, her car hits a tribal (Jayam Ravi). She cares for him, names him Vaasi and even brings him to the city.

Totally alien to urban civilisation, Vaasi feels fish out of water. One day, when her guardian’s son (Varun) compels Kavya to marry him, Vaasi beats him to pulp.

The guardian gets irked and the police eventually arrests Vaasi and sends him back to Andaman. As Kavya goes to the forest in search of him, she realises that her guardian is involved in a lot of anti-environmental acts.


The film is a visual delight and we can’t take our eyes off Jayam Ravi, who has delivered a superb performance. Equal credits go to the heroine Sayyeshaa, who not just looks beautiful, but also presents commendable performance.

Another hero of the film is cinematographer Thirru, who has presented stunning visuals, be it forest or city. Harris Jayaraj, in his 50th film, has woven a magic in background score.

Director Vijay has made a sincere effort, but the film reminds us of the recently released Arya’s Kadamban, apart from Avatar and George of the Jungle etc.

Also, the second half gets too predictable. But still, Vanamagan has its moments and it can be watched for its arresting visuals and terrific performance.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5