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Vaazh movie review

Vaazhl follows the life of Prakash (Pradeep Antony), an IT expert who is tired with his mundane desk job. Due to circumstances, he is forced to leave his job and travel with his distant relative Yathramma (TJ Bhanu) and Yathra (Master Aahrav). The journey leads him on a roller coaster of events that changes his life forever.


Director Arun Prabhu has to be appreciated for the way in which he has mixed commercial elements along with artistic style of filmmaking. The movie does not travel in a particular structure and adds one layer after another. The introduction and exit of several characters happen without much interference to the vieweing experience.
Pradeep has delivered a neat performance. His character goes through so much in the journey and Pradeep has brought it out naturally. Bhanu gives a matured performance and Master Aahrav’s acting in praiseworthy. The movie is a visual spectacle and Shelley Calist should be appreciated for it. Pradeep Kumar’s music is fresh.

Rating 3.2/5