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Vaanam Kottattum Movie Review

Critics Rating: 3 out of 5

Vaanam Kottattum: Sentiment Sky


Bose Kaalai (Sarathkumar) goes to prison after murdering a man who tries to bump off his brother (Balaji Sakthivel).

Following this, his wife Chandra (Radikaa) relocates to Chennai with her children, since she doesn’t want her son and daughter to be raised amid violence.

In the city, her son Selva (Vikram Prabhu) becomes a small time businessman in Koyambedu, while daughter Mangai (Aishwarya Rajesh) studies law and helps Selva in his business.

After 16 years, Bose Kaalai comes out of jail and reaches Chennai to be with his family. But the reception he faces is unexpected. He also brings danger in the form of Baskaran (Nandaa), who is the son of the man murdered by Bose.


Vaanam Kottattum is like Pandiraj’s stories getting Mani Ratnam’s treatment. Directed by Dhanasekaran, the film produced and co-written by Mani Ratnam is an emotional drama that attempts to win the hearts of audience.

Sarathkumar and Radikaa are the heart and soul of the movie, for the veterans simply shine with their great performance. Vikram Prabhu fits the bill well, while Aishwarya Rajesh plays the city version of her Namma Veettu Pillai role.

Nandaa, Shanthanu, Kalyan and Madonna are apt. Dhana proves that he is from Mani Ratnam school of filmmaking. At the same time, he has not failed to leave his stamp too in many places.

The film is technically rich and songs by Sid Sriram add value. On the flipside, some parts of the flick are slow which act as speed breaker. Also, the pre-climax episode is predictable. Otherwise, Vaanam Kottattum is a good family tale.