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V1 Movie Review {Rating: 2.5/5}

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Clue, glue


Agni (Ram Arun Castro) is a police officer. But the sudden death of his wife and his nyctophobia condition make him to take up the job of forensic trainer.

However, his colleague and good friend Luna (Vishnupriya Pillai) brings him back to police department and both start investigating the murder of a young girl.

The victim was in a live-in relationship with a guy and another man was after her. Multiple characters narrate their side of the story about the conflict between the murdered girl and her live-in partner.

As expected, Agni and Luna begin their probe with the girl’s partner, but the course of investigation takes them through various twists and turns. Who is the murderer? What is the motive?


Ram Arun Castro and Vishnupriya are adequate for their respective roles. The film starts on a promising note, but fails to hold the attention as the sequences which unfold as things progress lack fizz.

In other words- the latter half couldn’t match the initial portions. Pavel Navageethan, who was seen as actor in films like Madras and Vada Chennai, has made his directorial debut.

He has conceived an interesting knot and things must have appeared fine on paper. But the execution part is not up to the mark making V1 a roller coaster ride of pleasant and unpleasant things.

There is nothing much to rave about the film technically too, as departments such as cinematography, music and editing are strictly functional. At the end, we could not avoid the feeling that things could have been much better.