Tamil Movie Review

Uttraan Movie Review

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

College chaos


Roshan Udhayakumar and Gana Sudhakar are friends in college. Roshan wins in the college elections and earns the wrath of the opponent. He also becomes enemy to Vela Ramamurthy, a big shot in the village.

In the meantime, students of a nearby women’s college are asked to study in a men’s college due to building construction work. Due to this, Roshan comes across Komali.

Komali is the daughter of a police officer (Madhusdhan Rao). On coming to know about his daughter’s affair, Madhusudhan tries to separate her from him with the help of vela Ramamurthy.

They also try to bump him off. But Roshan gets the help of Ravishankar, who stands against Vela Ramamurthy.


Directed by O Raja Gajini, Uttran is said to be based on a true story. Roshan Udhayakumar and Komali have done a good job. Veyyil fame Priyanka Nair is back as Gana Sudhakar’s sister and both of them have performed well.

Vela Ramamurthy has been wasted, while Madhusudhan Rao has performed his role in a powerful manner. Journalist-turned-actor Ravishankar has done complete justice.

Halik Prabhu’s cinematography is good, while N R Raghunanthan’s music adds good support to the movie. Had the director cut down on some unwanted portions, Uttraan would have been a lot better.