Tamil Movie Review

Utharavu Maharaja Tamil Movie Review

Utharavu Maharaja Tamil Movie Review


Ravi (Udhaya) is the son of a dhobi and a traumatic mishap in his childhood makes him suffer from dissociative identity disorder, a rare mental ailment.

He gets inebriated one night and when he wakes up, he hears a strange voice from inside his head. The voice belongs to a ‘king’ and it commands Ravi to do various things.

In the meantime, an entrepreneur alleges that Ravi, posing as Vasu, stole away a whopping Rs 400 crore from him. Enters Dr Arun Bose (Prabhu) to set things right.

What is really happening to Ravi? What is/Who is behind the voice of the king? Is it really Ravi who robbed the businessman off the huge money? Utharavu Maharaja has the answers.


Utharavu Maharaja marks the comeback of actor Udhaya (son of producer A L Alagappan and brother of director Vijay) of Tiruneveli, Kalakalappu (2001) and Raa Raa fame.

He has played a young man suffering from a unique disorder and has emoted well. Prabhu adds immense value to the cast while Kovai Sarala and others have performed well.

Debutant director Asif Kuraishi, who had earlier called Utharavu Maharaja as a ‘psycho thriller devoid of the conventions of the genre’, has come up with a interesting knot.

Music composer Naren Balakumar has focussed more on background score, as the film contains only two songs. Had the director concentrated more on converting his script into a gripping movie, Utharavu Maharaja could have been a much better movie.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Utharavu Maharaja  : Order…Order

Director: Asif Kuraishi

Producer:  Udhayaa, Jaeshan Studios

Music Director: Naren Balakumar

Cast: Udhaya, Prabhu