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Uru Tamil Movie Review


Fiction writer Jeevan (Kalaiyarasan) suffers from writers block and all his ideas get rejected by publisher. His wife Jennie (Sai Dhanshika) is worried over this and asks him to quit writing.

Jeevan develops an interesting knot and gets the publisher’s nod too. He promises Jennie that he would take up some white collar job after completing the novel and seeks two months time.

In a bid to get the right ambience for writing, he leaves for Meghamalai, where he stays in his friend’s guest house. There, he encounters a series of horrific events.

Even as he is in a confusion about what is real and what is not, Jeenie pays a surprise visit to the hill station, adding more to the cup of woes.


Kalaiyarasan delivers a decent performance. But it is Sai Dhanshika who steals the show by carrying the whole film on her shoulders. She has played a multi-dimensional role with ease.

Mime Gopi and Daniel are also there, but they don’t leave much impact. Prasanna Kumar’s cinematography and Johan’s music aid director Vicky Anand well.

A psychological-horror film, Uru works to a good extent for those who love this genre. There are some edge-of-the-seat scenes and the credits go to the director.

On the flipside, it is yet another movie which presents us ghosts and flashbacks in a cliched manner. But the twists and turns towards the climax compensates for the negative points and keep the viewers engaged.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5