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Uppu Karuvadu Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Uppu Karuvadu Tamil Movie Review

Uppu Karuvadu Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Whale of time

Chandran (Karunakaran) is a filmmaker. While his debut directorial venture is a flop, his second movie gets dropped. So he runs from pillar to post for film offers.

For, three persons depend on him- his sister who is ready for marriage and his two friends-assistant directors Ilango (Chams) and Karthik (Narayanan).

One day, he gets an offer to produce a film from a powerful fishery-businessman Jayaraman aka Ayya (MS Baskar). But the catch is Maha (Nandita), Ayya’s daughter, should be the heroine of the movie.

As Maha just can’t act, Chandran and his men make all efforts to make things work. Are they able to achieve their mission or not?


After a flop show in Gauravam, director Radha Mohan makes a strong comeback with Uppu Karuvadu. Despite no big names in the cast, the film manages to entertain us, courtesy script, dialogues (by Pon Parthiban) and execution.

Tongue-in-cheek dialogues that make fun of every tough situation is a big gift to Uppu Karuvadu. In almost every scene, our funny bone is tickled well due to this (for example: importance and Samuthirakumari).

Karunakaran is good as an aspiring director, while M S Baskar, as usual, is the charmer. Nandita emotes well, even as Chams and Narayanan bring the roofs down with their performance. But the scene stealer is ‘Doubt’ Senthil. Mayilsamy and Kumaravel are equally good.

Mahesh Muthusamy has captured the locales of Chennai well and Steve Vatz’s much hyped music is okay. To sum it up, Uppu Karuvadu has announced the re-entry of Radha Mohan as the director scores big in this.

Rating: Good

Director: Radha Mohan
Music: Steeve Vatz
Cast: Nandita, Karunakaran, Narayan Lucky, Sathish Krishnan, Chaams, Elango Kumaravel, M. S. Bhaskar, Mayilswamy, Rachitha Rachu, Nakkamukka Senthil, Dindigul Saravanan
Pro: Suresh Chandra