Tamil Movie Review

Ulkuthu Tamil Movie Review


Raja (Dinesh) claims that he is an MBA graduate and has walked out of his family, as he is not on good terms with his rich father.

He meets Sura Shankar (Bala Saravanan), who, after listening to Raja’s story, becomes his friend and decides to marry his sister Kadalarasi (Nandita Swetha) to him.

When things appear to be going smooth, Raja gets into a fight with a powerful man (Dilip Subbarayan), who is the son of the local loan shark and gangster Kaaka Mani (Sharath Lohitaswa).

Even as the father and the son vow to teach a lesson to Raja, the real face of Raja is revealed. Who is he and why is he hiding his identity form the rest of Ulkuthu.


Dinesh, who is trying to establish his position in Tamil cinema, is finally out with his solo release of the year. Though there are still shades of Cuckoo in his performance, he has done his job well.

Bala Saravanan, who initially irks with his oft-repeated dialogue ‘Sura Shankar na summava…’, impresses us later. Nandita Swetha has delivered what is needed for her character.

Both Sharath Lohitaswa and Dilip Subbarayan have done their respective roles with ease. Sriman has been given an interesting character after a long time and he has done justice to it.

Justin Prabhakaran’s music is good and his background score elevates tense moments. P K Verma has come out with apt colours and angles. Director Caarthick Raju has followed the path of K S Ravikumar and S P Muthuraman, but has added flavours and features that would impress the present day audience.

On the whole, Ulkuthu is a watchable entertainer despite a familiar story. What makes it worth watching is the twists and turns infused by Caarthick Raju and the performance by lead actors.

Rating: 3 out of 5