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Uchathula Shiva Tamil Movie Review

Uchathula Shiva Tamil Movie Review

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Siva (Karan) is a cab driver with a golden heart. He gives advice to a roadside idly vendor on hygiene and is concerned about his mother (Kova Sarala).

One day, he comes across Nila (Neha), a beautiful girl who is in a deep trouble, as she is being chased by a drug mafia leader (Naren).

The do-gooder Siva offers her lift and also makes desperate attempts to contact her well-wishers, so that she is saved from danger. Alas, he himself finds himself in the midst of troubles and he has come out of them, besides saving Nila.


Karan is the only saving grace of Uchathula Siva. The film, which has been made to offer a comeback to him, does it only partly, courtesy wacky scenes.

Director Jaypee could have done more homework at script level to keep things intact and racy. It also seems he is in a confusion on whether to make this a comedy or serious film.

Music composer Vidyasagar is back with this film and a few of his songs are pleasing. The likes of Ilavarasu, Naren and Ramesh Khanna are wasted. Uchathula Siva can be watched once for Karan and some interesting scenes.

Verdict: Average

Director: Jaypee
Music: VidyaSagar
Cast: Karan, Neha Ratnakaran, Aadukalam Naren, Ashwin Raja, Ramesh Khanna, Sangili Murugan, Kanal Kannan, Ilavarasu