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Tubelight Tamil Movie Review

Tubelight Tamil Movie Review

Bright idea


Ram (Indra) is a carefree youngster who makes money by cheating horny men. He is in love with Hema (Adhithi). One day, the vehicle in which he and his friends are travelling meets with an accident.

This makes Ram to acquire a unique disability. He can hear things only after a gap of five seconds or so. This puts him in a spot of bother and he hides it from his lover.

Meanwhile, Dr Mouli (Pandiarajan) tries some unconventional methods to cure the ailment of Ram, but in vain. One day, when Ram is out with his girlfriend, she gets kidnapped.

But Ram realises this only after some time, due to his disability. He now starts a hunt to track Hema and find the kidnappers. Who did it? And is Hema safe?


Tueblight is an out and out show of Indra, who has donned many hats- from playing the lead role to wielding the megaphone to writing the script etc.

While the idea is too good, the way he has executed things leaves a lot to be desired, as the first half is too bumpy and things take their own sweet time to settle.

But all these flaws get duly compensated in the second half, as it is racy and gripping. Indra is fine as actor, while Pandiarajan tries to tickle the funny bone. Adhithi and others are okay.

While certain scenes are certainly interesting, some scenes lack conviction. If you are ready to encourage a newcomer who has delivered a quirky idea in a decent manner, Tubelight may be your choice this weekend.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Director: Indra
Music: Indra
Cast: Indra, Dhiya, R.Pandiarajan, Praveen Prem, Vinoth, Bujji
Pro: Suresh Chandra