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Thuppakki Munai Tamil Movie Review


Birla Bose (Vikram Prabhu) is a police officer, who is hailed in the department as an encounter specialist. He strongly believes that each and every bullet comes with the name of the person it has to kill.

His mother, who is a doctor, and his girlfriend Mythili (Hansika) are upset with his profession and passion. At one point of time, they even walk away from him.

But Birla goes ahead with his job. One day, he is given with the task of of bumping off Azad (Mirchi Sha), a migrant worker from the north who lives in Rameswaram.

Azad is accused of raping and killing a teenage girl. Even as Birla is about to ‘encounter’ him, the operation gets postponed due to a trivial reason.

Soon after that, Birla realises that Azad might not have committed the crime. What he does next? Does he obey the orders of his superiors and kill Azad or hunt for the real criminal?


After years, Vikram Prabhu finally gets the break he was waiting for in Thuppakki Munai, directed by Dinesh Selvaraj. Though the director’s maiden movie is the forgettable Naalu Perukku Nallathuna Ethuvm Thappilla, he has left his mark in Thuppakki Munai.

Vikram Prabhu, as encounter specialist, is apt fit for the role and looks tough all the time. For Hansika, who looks beautiful, it is high time to improve her Tamil dialogue delivery.

Others in the cast, including M S Baskar, are aptly roped in for their respective roles. Cinematography is a big highlight of Thuppakki Munai, while music and other departments are adequate.

Though there are many positive aspects, we can’t stop getting the feel that the romantic angle and the mother-song angle could have been developed better. Also, certain twists are predictable.

Thuppakki Munai is for those who are eager to spend their weekend in a theatre by watching an adrenaline pumping action entertainer.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Thuppakki Munai : Village Vintage

Director: Dinesh Selvaraj

Producer: Kalaipuli S. Dhanu

Music Director: LV Muthuganesh

Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Hansika Motwani, Sriman.