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Thumbaa – Review

– Jungle Book

Rating: 3.25 out of 5


Hari (Darshan) and Umapathy (Dheena) are painters. They reach Top Slip for a painting work. And there is Varsha (Keerthi Pandian) who comes to the place to click photographers of a tiger.

In the meantime, Thumbaa, a tiger, enters Top Slip from Kerala with its cub. On coming to know about this, a group of poachers including a forest officer, hatch a plan to capture it.

Now the three- Hari, Umapathy and Varsha- decide to save the animal from the hands of poachers. There is also a monkey named Tiger, which has its own mission.

Are the trio able to save Thumbaa? If so, how do they achieve it? Is there any solution for man-animal conflict? Answer to these questions lie in Thumbaa.


Directed by Harish Ram, Thumbaa is a film for both adults and kids. It carries a message that is relevant to the present situation and advocates the need for human beings to co-exist with other creatures in the world.

Dheena has performed well, while Darshan rises to the occasion at times. Keerthi Pandian has done a convincing job. Animals have been created by computer graphics department which has done a good work.

While scenes involving Thumbaa is for the elders, sequences which have the presence of Tiger is for the young ones. They will love it for sure.

On the whole, the film engages in parts as uneven narration mar the flow. But it can be watched for its message and the funny portions.