Tamil Movie Review

Thuglaq Durbar movie review


Vijay Sethupathi plays Singaravelan who aspires to achieve big in politics.

He does everything to achieve the trust of of Parthiban, a local politician.

Vijay Sethupathi slowly marches towards his destination when an accident leaves him with an unusual condition.

He starts to fight with his conscience and how this affects his political journey forms the rest of the story.


Director Deenadayalan gives an interesting twist to the movie with an usual plot.

Though there is nothing new in the storyline, the way it is handled keeps the audience engaged.

Vijay Sethupathi delivers one of his best performances in the recent times.

The combination scenes of Vijay Sethupathi with Parthiban is hilarious. Raashi Khanna does not have much to do in the movie.

However, Manjima Mohan gets a meaty role and does well. The rest of the cast and crew have also performed well.

Music by Govind Vasantha adds more strenght to the movie.

Rating 3.5/5